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Teens Learn to Sail Program!

As passionate competitive sailors, we look around ourselves and see groups of young kids learning to sail, and teenagers racing alongside us, but we don't see many teenagers beginning the journey of learning to sail - Sail Inc fills this gap by running sailing session days specifically for teenagers in our local community!

By creating a unique situation where teenagers can learn alongside each other without yonger kids and adults around, all while being taught by fellow teens, we have started to introduce many teenagers to this special sport!

Resilience, persistence, strength, appreciation, and adaptability are some of the many lessons that can be learned through sailing. Sailing stands out as a sport because of all the positive impacts it can have on a teenager's life.


Our Sessions 

What does a Day Session look like?

Our sessions run from 10am to 4pm. Throughout the day, we spend most of our time on the water learning the basics of sailing in a combination of single  and double handed sailing dinghies. We spend some time on land, introducing the basic theory of sailing to teenagers, which can then be applied on the water. We take a break for lunch, giving our teenagers the opportunity to connect with each other, forming life long friendships. At the end of the day, we share hot chips and reflect on the experiences of the day. Sessions are jam-packed and busy, but lots of fun!

Who are the coaches at each session?

Ella has both done a Learn to Sail coaches course and is a qualified assistant Learn to Sail coach. Using her knowledge of sailing and cocahing training, she is able to coach the sessions herself! If sessions have high numbers, Sail Inc will employ additional experienced Junior Coaches to help with activities to ensure that the session is run in a safe manner to a high standard.

How will I know when sessions are running?

Our sessions are flexible and adaptable, so we don't currently have a schedule of when sessions run, however we currently run sessions in the school holidays and on weekends. Before an upcoming session, we advertise the dates on all our social media platforms, we have posters up in local schools and on community noticeboards and we email out the next dates to everyone on our email list.

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