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Our Team

General Committee

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Sailing Committee

Club Captain: Chris Fewtrell 

Chris has years of sailing experience on practically everything and anything that floats and brings sailing mana to our Club in droves. He attends General Committee meetings on the Sailing committee behalf and oversees the running of the Sailing Programme. Chris is also the driver for the hugely popular Foiling Regatta held at BOIYC - this is practically a full-time job in its own right!

Sailing Programme Coordinator: Robyn Parker

Robyn is our superstar who is we definitely can't do without. Robyn is the motivation behind everything sailing-related at the Bay Of Islands Yacht Club. Organising regattas, Sailing programs coaches. We are very grateful to have her. She's responsible for all the emails and organising the bones of the Sailing Programme.


Sponsorship & Fundraising: Bev Dickey

 Bev is a huge asset to our program, generating sponsorship deals and leading us in charge of our fundraising efforts.  All funds are channeled back into the Sailing Programme to help with our fleet, coaching, and sailing amenities.


Funding Applications: Helen McNeil

Helen's grant applications have been responsible for providing our Club with many of the boats in our Club fleet. Her knowledge and expertise are awesome and we could not do without her help to keep our Sailing Programme afloat! Helen is also the Secretary of the General Committee.


Boats: Thomas Fewtrell

You've probably spotted  Thomas reversing a chase boat down the slipway or organizing the shed. Thomas is officially our boats guy on the General Committee too - dealing with all things chase boats! Thomas is also a Junior Coach and often out helping on the water.


Sailing Boats, Social Media and Website Manager: Jacob Fewtrell

Jacob is responsible for keeping on top of our dinghy boat maintenance, this is an almost impossible task! Jacob revolves around all things IT and we are super grateful to have him on the team. Our Club website, Instagram, Facebook, Whats app, Teamapp are all managed by Jacob, he is also a Junior coach

Committee Member:  Ella Parker

 Ella is another of our young recruits. She brings hyper organisational talents to the Club and is often seen organising our dinghy park back into some state of order (usually with Thomas!). Ella is also a Junior Coach and passionate about spreading her love of sailing.


Committee Member: Anika Engle

Anika was the missing part of our puzzle, as well as a keen sailing mum. She's our long awaited Sailing Committee minute taker. We are very grateful to have Anika

Committee Member & IT Guru: Denis Garner

Denis' skill set revolves around all things IT and we are super grateful to have him on the team. Many of the awesome Facebook photos you will see are taken by him. Denis also makes all thoughts cool Youtube videos of our sailors out on the water.


Club Racing Officer: Toni Calnan

Toni generously donates his Sunday afternoons to running our Club Racing. He's seen out in sunshine, rain, and hail. His dedication is awesome.

Refurbisher: Jim White

Jim is our go-to guy for any bigger-scale projects we have on our club boats. like repainting both our starlings, giving a 29er trailer an overhaul. you name it there is nothing Jim can't fix.

House Committee

Chair: Bev Dickey 

Shed Area: Thomas Fewtrell

Toilets & Showers: Jacob Fewtrell & Ella Parker

Club House: Gyanne Garner

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