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The Bay of Islands Yacht Club offers a number of different kinds of membership levels.  If you wish to apply for a Club Mooring or to use the Club Slipway a Full membership subscription is required.

There are a limited number of moorings.  Moorings are assigned by the Mooring Manager.  Requests for a Mooring is no guarantee of getting one.

Membership Committee meets the 2nd Wednesday of the month to review applications.

Junior Membership (Under 21 No Voting Rights)                        $115

Senior Membership(Single individual over 18 One Vote)          $240        Full Membership


Family Membership (2 people One Vote)                                     $275        Full Membership

Family Membership(3 or more people One Vote)                      $288        Full  Membership        


Social Membership (One Person no Voting Rights)                    $ 85                                                   

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